Skipping Summer School > Assault

So I was perusing the story about Blake Mitchell being suspended for the first game on ESPN.com tonight, and I noticed something.

You'll see that the ESPN headline, "Gamecocks QB Mitchell Appeals One Game Suspension". However, look to the right, and it becomes more comical. The first ESPN college football subheadline of stories to the right is: BC will not discipline players charged with assault."

Holy f*&$.

Blake Mitchell skips a class, presumably in "History of Rock & Roll 101" and he misses a game...the tuneup before Georgia. But up at BC, a school with a better academic reputation that SC, and two players charged with assault will not miss a game.

Isn't this a bit of a contradiction from a week ago when OBC was complaining that USC wasn't admitting kids of a less-than-admirable academic pedigree? Now he's suspending kids for missing a summer school class? Steve, make up your mind buddy!!

Listen, agreed, these kids should be going to class...what else could they have to do in Columbia in the summer besides melt like the wicked witch of the west in the heat. But you can't have it both ways, buddy.

Either you admit the smart students and make them go to all classes....or you accept the less than mentally gifted ones and look the other way when they sleep through a few summer school classes.

This is not how I enjoy SC making the front page of ESPN.com. Let's make up our mind here!

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